Welcome to my website...

A little about me:  I'm a published journalist and writer based in New York City. I'm a tech-head, web developer, and content manager with over 10 years professional experience. By night, I moonlight as a DJ. I have performed at clubs and lounges throughout New York, including Le Souk, Lit Lounge, Tagine, and The Flat. I work for Professional Rockstars, a company owned by Music Is he Drug Radio's Corey Biggs.


Over the years, my work has been in numerous publications, including magazines, newspapers. and websites. I have written on diverse subjects ranging from diseases to terrorism to travel destinations. I am also a card-caring member of, and hold credentials from, the National Writers Union (UAW Local/ AFL-CIO) and International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). I currently have a travel column at Examiner.com


Over ten years experience as a professional and freelance web developer, content manager, and digital marketer, writer. I have worked for major political candidates such as Norman Siegel, corporations such as Remedy Health Media (formally MediZine LLC), government agencies such as the US Department of Labor, and recently major universities such as New York University. .


A relatively new hobby and passion of mine, I perform under the name DJ-JD at various nightspots in and around New York City. I specialize in House genres like Deep, Tech, Tribal, Latin, Soul, and Arabic House but have also played Dance/Pop and Hip Hop at some events. I have performed at such venues as Le Souk, Lit Lounge, Tagine, The Flat, People Lounge, as well as private parties.. 

I also produce my own parties and events under my company DJ-JD Productions. Some past events included Music Is the Drug events, done in collaboration with Corey Biggs, as well as Safe Word, an event of my own design.

Other journalists and I in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, following the devastating earthquake of January 10th, 2010.

In the DJ booth at Le Souk. My mixes and sets can me found at souldcloud.com/djjdnyc/