Live From Egypt: Welcome to the Revolution

by Jon L. Denby

Cairo—Hey, I just got in and things seem great here. As I arrived home, the people seemed to be happier, as if they had just taken a breath of relief that they've been waiting to take for over 30 years! Instead of a "where's your passport son?" I was greeted with a "welcome to Egypt.” On the way home I saw groups of kids sweeping the streets, painting the sidewalks, and covering over the graffiti on the walls. It was a new age, a new Egypt. I was so glad to see the nation united for a good cause and in good spirits.

At night it’s a different story. After unpacking and the large family dinner I ventured out to see my friends and what I missed. Under military control there is a nationwide curfew beginning at midnight, and they start the military checkpoints at about 12:30am. For three kilometers we must have passed six checkpoints. The troops checked for license, registration, and national ID cards of all the passengers. This was followed by a swift and thorough sweep of the car for weapons, drugs, or someone on the wanted list. The entire process took about ten minutes, but we were clean and so they let us through. Another truckload of people weren't so fortunate I observed as we passed by them.

All in all things seem great, safe, and headed in the right direction. All we can do really is wait and see how this revolution will play out. Stay tuned as I bring you the latest from the heart of Egypt.

Mohamed Ghanem is a contributing correspondent based out of New York City.