Off the Beaten Path: Dubday Mondays at Bar 13

by Jon L. Denby in ,

Published in, May 2, 201

New York is famous for its nightlife. The endless amount of bars, clubs, shows, restaurants, and parties can dazzle and overwhelm even seasoned residents.  Many of these venues, though, charge cover fees for entrance—something unwelcome in this still dismal economy. But at Bar 13, one block south of Union Square at 35 East 13th Street, the party is on every Monday and it’s free!

Dubday Mondays is one of the best weeknight dance parties around. It brings together an interesting mix of ravers, b-boys, stoners, freaks, and after-work partygoer’s under the booming vibes of Dubstep, the electronica genre, originating from South London, whose signature is its aggressive, bass-heavy, trippy, robotic, and heavy metal-esque sound.

At Bar 13, once you get past the bouncer, you wander up a staircase and into a dark cave-like room with flashing lights, a thumping sound system, and a full bar serving 2 for 1 drinks until midnight. As you work your way through the crowd, you may suddenly find yourself dodging flailing ravers with glow sticks, breakdancers, and even a person in a Transformers-robot costume doing…well, the robot dance. The freaks come out at night? You better believe it.

Aside from the energy and 2 for 1 drink specials, one of the nicest features of Bar 13 is its rooftop deck. Offering a nice view of the surrounding cityscape, the deck is always packed with a crowd escaping the confines and sounds of the Dubstep party below. Get some fresh air (and sometimes a whiff of cigarette or marijuana smoke) while you sip on a cold one from the roof-deck bar.

Dubday Mondays is one rockin’ party, particularly for a weeknight. It’s free, offers 2 for 1 drink specials at the bar until midnight, and the crowd exudes an awesome energy. In this depressed economic time, it is especially a good deal. Just remember to bring your glow sticks.